Common Questions


How do I migrate from KEYLOK2 to KEYLOK3?

To run your existing application with KL3, you will need to compile your application with the latest libraries. These libraries can be found on the SDK that came with your KL3. For more details please email to request our KL3 Migration Guide.

What Operating Systems does KEYLOK3 work with?

KL3 is fully cross-platform, meaning it works on Windows, Mac and Linux and does not require drivers.

Does KEYLOK3 require a driver to be installed on the end-user’s machine?

KEYLOK3 (KL3) is a driverless key that works using native Windows HID drivers. No external drivers are needed to run the key.

TCP/IP Troubleshooting Tips

Try the following steps: 

  1. Be sure you can ping from the client to the server.
    Example: From a Command Prompt: ping "servername"
    ping "IP Address"
    If pinging is not possible all communications may be disabled between the client and server. Ensure that there is a "Trusted Zone" defined in the firewall settings for the connection between the KEY-LOK client and the server.
  2. Configure security settings.
    All firewalls, security software, and routers must be set up to allow klserver.exe and your application (yourapp.exe) to communicate via TCP/IP.
  3. Communications must be allowed via TCP/IP port 4242.
    This is generally allowed if a program has permissions to communicate but it may be necessary to open this port manually on the firewall for both the incoming and outgoing TCP port.

Unblock incoming and outgoing UDP ports.
If you are not using a TCPIPSVR.DAT file to point the client to a specific server, all firewalls, security software, and routers must be set up as unblocked incoming and outgoing UDP ports to allow UDP communications between client and server.

What is TCP/IP Networking?

TCP/IP networking allows you to access a dongle mounted on a central dongle server machine from an application running on a remote client via a TCP/IP network.

You can use KL2, KL3, and Fortress keys with our TCP/IP networking solution. We currently have multi-user keys available that will support from 3 to an unlimited number of simultaneous users. You can also access our regular single-user keys over a network, but can only have one user connected to the key at a time.

Our install utility, install.exe, will install all of the necessary software and drivers for either a dongle server or a client.