Software Monetization


Increase revenue with flexible and customized software licensing solutions that are tailored to customers’ unique user environments.

Creative licensing options offer another way to differentiate your software from the competition, catering to your customer's unique business needs while discouraging price-based comparison shopping. You can enable a number of other scenarios for users’ access to content: trial periods, limited demos, product evaluations, rentals, or a hybrid of more than one type of license term.

How KEYLOK Optimizes Software Monetization

KEYLOK’s licensing solutions make sure you retain the maximum revenues from your intellectual property and offer the widest variety of software licensing solutions to your customers.

    • Time-based licensing
    • Usage-based licensing
    • Feature-based licensing
    • Custom licensing options

With the speed of change that occurs in modern software applications and operating systems, older paradigms of software monetization have been trending down for years in favor of greater subscription- and use-based models.


Medical Equipment Manufacturer Curbs Sales Team Giveaways with KEYLOK

A global medical equipment manufacturer integrated KEYLOK to prevent software give-a-ways. In order to get the sale, the sales team was providing free upgrades to prospective customers without charging license fees. Existing customers were also receiving upgrade benefits without proper licensing. KEYLOK's software protection dongles were used to curb this well-intentioned, but revenue-draining, behavior of the sales team.

Industrial Automation Manufacturer Eliminates Unauthorized License Upgrades

An industrial automation manufacturer prevented the sharing of licenses within its customers' sites. They had a problem with customers who would purchase a single upgrade license and upgrade all the instruments on their floor. By using a low-profile KEYLOK dongle inside the instrument, and Remote Update, this revenue-draining practice was eliminated.

Aerospace and Defense Company Enforces Licensing on Network System

A worldwide aerospace and defense company sells a critical server-based system with a web front-end. The company needed to ensure that multiple copies of the system were not installed and enforce licensed concurrent user limits. With KEYLOK, both of these protections are in place. Systems in use are now paid for and user limits enforced, all resulting in revenue enhancement for the company.