Industrial Automation

The industrial automation industry depends heavily on software to achieve automation. Being able to provide your customers with the application they need, when they need it, is essential. KEYLOK software licensing and security dongles enable you to do just that while ensuring you are paid and your software isn’t being used outside of your licensing terms.

As the industrial automation industry shifts to meet the  current and future needs of your customers, needs of customers, KEYLOK’s hardware-based licensing and security present you the advantage of delivering applications and software that unite your clients with the solutions they need. KEYLOK has been successfully deployed in a wide range of products, including:

  • Operations Control — Expert companies use our dongles to protect the proprietary software they develop to control manufacturing and infrastructure equipment. Their products help streamline and scale industrial processes and infrastructure integration in nearly every field you can imagine.
    • Industrial automation and process automation
    • Servo drive control
    • Banking automation
    • Logistics automation
    • Lottery automation
    • Laboratory automation
    • Virtual operator training
  • Transport and Infrastructure — Automated vehicles are the future. We license and secure the software that allows top firms to automate vehicles for construction, forestry, agricultural, and municipal uses, and boost efficiency to new levels.
    • Control Room
    • Drives
    • EV charging infrastructure
    • Data and analytics
    • Mechanical power transmission
    • Power converters and inverters
    • Motors and generators
  • Robot Programming — Many companies whose software enables companies like yours to efficiently use their robotics technology rely on us for software licensing and security. They supply products related to
    • Force/torque sensors
    • Vision sensors
    • Automatic robot code generation
    • Simulation
    • Communication protocols
    • Robot configuration and maintenance

For 42 years now, KEYLOK has provided this innovative industry with hardware-based dongle licensing that secures proprietary applications and promotes on-time software deployment. At the same time, it enables your company to increase its recurring revenue. Let the capabilities of our hardware catapult your application to new heights.