CodeVault is an increased level of protection over typical hardware-based security implementations available only on our Fortress dongles.

With CodeVault, you can create a one-of-a-kind security solution. The Fortress dongle incorporates a secure smart card computing platform rated at EAL5+. By running application code on the dongle itself and returning encrypted results to the calling application, your software simply won't run without the dongle. That's because a critical piece of the application is missing - it resides on KEYLOK's secure smart card inside the dongle. It's virtually impossible to inspect or hack.

What kind of code can be put in CodeVault?

Implement cryptographic functions, cipher code, licensing options, math and date functions, data manipulation and more. Take advantage of industry standard encryption algorithms or proprietary algorithms to encrypt/decrypt functions.

The combination of CodeVault and our tamper-proof smart card processor in the Fortress dongle provides the most secure solution for protecting your valuable IP. Not every customer needs CodeVault. But those that do have found that it's worth the extra effort and expense to gain the unmatched security and peace-of-mind CodeVault provides.

CodeVault Implementation Examples:

  • Automotive customer secures hacker-targeted software that upgrades automobile engine features
  • Public funds distribution software is made hack-proof by implementing CodeVault
  • Vehicle lock-code generation software for automotive locksmiths is secured with CodeVault
  • Prepaid utility card provider protects software with CodeVault and replaces their current dongle provider
  • Provider of non-invasive medical devices implements CodeVault and makes their machines virtually un-hackable
  • Systems developer uses CodeVault to perform, and protect, critical calculations in analytical products sold to government

Implementation Process & Fees

CodeVault is delivered on a fee-basis. If you request that KEYLOK implement CodeVault for you, we provide instructions on exactly what we'll need and provide a template describing code layout. If you prefer to implement CodeVault on your own, you will need the Keil compiler. We then provide engineering-level support, on a fee-basis. Although it costs a bit more to implement CodeVault, the security gains are un-matchable and the investment worthwhile.

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