Benefits of Hardware-Based Protection

Why Keylok

Hardware-based protection uses a physical device, commonly known as a dongle, USB hardware key, or USB security key. To implement, KEYLOK APIs are integrated with your software. Afterward, the software only runs if the dongle is physically present on the computer or machine. Additionally, the dongle can also control how the end-user actually uses the software, referred to as software licensing. Whether it's time or usage-based restrictions or limiting the modules and features available, the end-users access is managed and enforced by the dongle.

Industry experts generally agree that hardware-based protection provides superior security since a physical piece of hardware has to be bypassed to misuse the software. Particularly vulnerable are those products sold in high-risk markets, high-value software, certain software classes/industries that are targeted by hackers, and innovative, leading-edge software.

Why protect your software and systems with security dongles?

Greater Security for Your IP
External hardware devices provide an indisputable increase in security. That's because the dongle's firmware is tightly integrated with the software. The security algorithms run on the dongle itself, instead of the computer's memory. Go even further with our Fortress dongle and CodeVault solution to run application code separately on the dongle. The result? A level of dongle software protection that is unmatched by software-based solutions.

Flexible Licensing Options
Your customers demand flexibility in their software licensing options. KEYLOK dongles accommodate virtually unlimited creativity in implementing product licensing. Using the device's memory, it is simple to establish and enforce licenses based on usage, number of users, features, modules, subscriptions, trials, rentals, demos, and any combination of these options.

Fast and Easy Implementation
Implementing KEYLOK's security dongles is simple and can take less than an hour. We provide extensive sample code (over 80 compilers) and comprehensive APIs. All communication with our API is conducted via links to object files or DLLs. Integrating our API calls into your code is easy to accomplish yet delivers powerful security and peace of mind.

Simplified Field Updates with Remote Update
KEYLOK's Remote Update™ allows you to easily and securely update production devices in the field without reissuing or recalling the dongles. You can modify any of the programmable features of our dongles using either telephone or secure e-mail communication.

  • Enable or disable license modules or feature sets
  • Extend software leases or evaluation periods
  • Convert trial licenses to production
  • Change the number of concurrent users on a network

Reduce Customer Support      
Driverless devices significantly reduce the support burden for software providers since 90% of support questions are related to drivers. KEYLOK's Fortress and KEYLOK3 dongles are all driverless. Operating in HID mode for Windows and USB mode for Mac and Linux means no software to install for end-users.

KEYLOK dongles are portable. Give your end-users the flexibility to move between computers and locations. End-users are more mobile than ever today and use multiple computing devices. Your customers can install software on multiple machines without violating their licensing agreement since the software won't run without the dongle present. An end-user loses their dongle? No problem. Simply enable partial, or time-restricted access to the application until the situation is resolved.

Multi-Platform & Port Support
KEYLOK USB security keys support any version of Windows from 98 and higher - including both 32 and 64-bit versions. We also support Macintosh OS X on either Power PC or Intel processors and Linux, including ARM processors.