The automotive industry is constantly undergoing new developments and improvements, and software licensing ensures you are able to stay ahead of market needs. Software licensing enables you as the developer to make immediate adjustments to product offerings to best serve the needs of your end-users.

In our 42 years of business, KEYLOK has served many companies in the automotive industry that are looking to provide customers with technologies that ensure driver safety, vehicle efficiency, and performance. These companies specialize in the following:

  • Tire Production Machinery — Tire production is just one step in the long process of automotive production and contains many steps in itself. Specialized software is used at every stage of the process. Developers of these unique applications use our hardware-based solutions to provide products that are secure and accessible.
    • Rubber processing
    • Automated tire manufacturing equipment
    • Road condition simulation and tire compound testing
  • Exhaust Technology — Reducing exhaust is at the core of achieving more fuel-efficient vehicles. Software secured by our dongles is key to technologies that comply with clean-air regulations as they work toward this important goal.
    • Exhaust chemical treatment
    • Emission control systems
    • Smart noise cancellation
  • Automotive Controls — Drivers and passengers enjoy a safe and comfortable ride thanks to intuitive programs for regulating various aspects of every type of vehicle. The companies that design these products and the software that runs them turn to us for licensing and security.
    • Heaters (fuel and electrically operated)
    • Air conditioning
    • Efficient and reliable electronic solutions
    • ECU design, management, and documentation
    • Safety systems
    • Driver assistance systems and autonomous driving capabilities
  • Battery Technology — The best batteries are designed to provide the most power within the smallest space and lowest weight. Companies are working hard to make batteries more efficient and easier to use, and we’re augmenting their efforts by protecting their production and management software.
    • Electrochemical models
    • Power management systems
    • Energy efficiency optimization
  • Industry 4.0 Production Equipment — With Industry 4.0 solutions, car manufacturers are able to operate more sustainably and efficiently than ever. The cutting-edge technologies that make this possible come from companies whose software is secured and licensed by KEYLOK.
    • Custom vehicle production
    • Assembly operations control
    • Technology integration
    • Error reduction
    • Ergonomic assembly lines
  • Connected Vehicles — The vehicles we use to travel and transport goods are becoming as technologically advanced as any other aspect of our lives. Manufacturers are adding new capabilities to vehicles all the time, and they’re incorporating machine learning and AI-based software provided by companies that depend on us for licensing and security.
    • IoT features
    • Data and analytics
    • Infotainment
    • Fleet management
    • Cargo conditions sensors
    • Parking payment and access
    • Diagnostics and predictive maintenance

If you’re developing software for the automotive industry, you should know that we can help you stay ahead of your competition, increase recurring revenue, and secure your application.

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