Customized Solutions


It's unheard of in this industry to find a company that will customize security dongles to meet the unique needs of its customers. Welcome to the KEYLOK Attitude.

Each customer is unique, and while KEYLOK products fit most customers' needs, sometimes they don't. We accommodate product customization for free if we can, however, if we have to charge you, we'll always provide a fair price for the service.

We have enhanced our API to include unique requirements, added compilers, and created specific-purpose utilities. We've even modified the physical hardware to accommodate chip set redesigns and port changes. When you're ready to use your custom KEYLOK product, we deliver the necessary firmware and/or software to implement the enhancements in the field, without recalling your production dongle.

Read on for examples of specific customer-driven enhancements provided by KEYLOK.

API Changes Made to Accommodate Multiple Dongles on a Single Server

A KEYLOK customer sells secure communications solutions to public safety organizations whose missions are to protect and save lives. To optimize field operational efficiency, our customer required multiple dongles to run on single Windows servers. KEYLOK developed and incorporated this feature into our API in just a few weeks, enabling them to efficiently manage licensing and security within their unique environment.

Delivered API Development Request within Days

An international manufacturer of testing equipment planned to deliver licensing upgrades and modifications to their customers through KEYLOK's Remote Update feature. KEYLOK provides Remote Update through utilities. This customer had security requirements that required the implementation of Remote Update via the API. Within days, KEYLOK developed and delivered the code, and the customer successfully incorporated it into their software, solving this dilemma.

Modified KEYLOK's Circuit Board to Accommodate Telecom Embedded System Requirement

A worldwide telecommunications company required a hardware change in its existing dongle to respond to port pin changes. The change required the rerouting of traces on the circuit board and was necessary to deliver a specifically-purposed telecom system under development. Their current dongle provider was unable to modify their devices to meet this specific need. After approaching several providers about the feasibility of this hardware modification, KEYLOK was the only company able and willing to modify our dongles to meet their embedded system requirements within their time frame.

Built Libraries & API for Unsupported Development Environment

A US-based media company had a unique development environment that KEYLOK did not support. We listened to their requirements and promptly build the libraries and API for their specific environment within a week. The customer integrated these into their application code successfully and was very happy!

New Product Developed & Delivered to Protect Customer's Training Content

An international aerospace company was having trouble with customers copying their proprietary training materials. They approached KEYLOK to determine if our keys would help them secure their intellectual property. In response, KEYLOK developed an entirely new product for content protection for this customer within the dictated time frame. The new product solved this costly and distressing problem and was delivered on time, along with detailed training and documentation.

Modified Dongle for Customer's Unusual Operational Requirement

Due to unusual deployment requirements, a scientific instruments company required multiple network USB dongles to run on a single server. KEYLOK listened to their needs, build the specifications, and then developed the feature specifically to accommodate their operational requirements. KEYLOK's engineering resources completed this feature in a timely manner and for a reasonable cost.


Customized Security Dongle Developed for Global Telecom

A global telecommunications company required a customized security dongle to enter a new, high-risk market. Off-the-shelf devices did not meet their unique requirements. After evaluating dongle providers, they chose KEYLOK because of our 42 years in business, our reputation and our price. Most of all, we were the only company that was willing to provide customization at a reasonable price and commit to their delivery time frame. They experienced the KEYLOK Attitude and we won their business.