Why Keylok

Our philosophy at KEYLOK is a simple one: reliable products, reasonable prices, out-service the competitors, and deliver it all with the KEYLOK Attitude. You've invested time creating your products and want to protect them with just as much care.

Reliable Products

Being in business for four decades, we know how to develop and deliver solid, reliable products. With a 99% reliability rate, you can expect that our security dongles will work for you and your end customer, time and time again.

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Fair & Competitive Prices

We keep our prices reasonable and competitive. While we're not the least expensive option on the market (and we wouldn't recommend that route anyway), our software protection dongles are up to 40% less expensive than other reputable providers, while delivering the same level of security.

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Unequaled Service

KEYLOK is attentive to our customers. We actively listen and respond quickly and competently to any inquiry. Customers who switch to us from competitors consistently tell us that KEYLOK provides outstanding customer service. They're impressed with our attention to detail and our willingness to customize our products for their unique requirements – an unheard-of service in the industry.

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The KEYLOK Attitude

Experiencing the KEYLOK Attitude will change your expectation of what dongle providers should deliver. From product customization to providing that unique library or API, KEYLOK focuses on its customers' needs. The KEYLOK Attitude is the difference between us and our competitors.

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