Embedded IoT



It is estimated that by the year 2020 the embedded systems market will be $1.7 trillion and continue growing annually at 16%. There will be millions of devices connected to the internet making up the internet of things (IoT).

With such rapid growth, many developers overlook security and licensing needs. Traditionally only independent software vendors were concerned with piracy, now embedded system developers must also consider the impact of piracy. If the intellectual property that powers these devices is compromised entire business models based on the sale of a device and software in combination can be lost due to gray market manufacturing. Protect your embedded device from the perils of gray manufacturing using KEYLOK.

Many intelligent device manufacturers do not realize the monetary potential through proper licensing. The most profitable embedded system developers utilize flexible licensing models in conjunction with piracy protection. It is estimated that 70% of organizations do not implement service or usage based licensing to increase the revenue from their embedded solution.

The Fortress RS is the perfect solution for intelligent device manufacturers. Ensure the countless hours used to develop the backbone of your device is secured while still having the flexibility to increase revenue. Implement usage based licensing, expiration dates, service agreements, and many other options with a convenient small form factor that is easy to build into an embedded device. KEYLOK has worked with leading companies in industrial automation, healthcare, automotive, telecommunications, and many other industries to license and protect their devices.


Government Contractor Uses Embedded Dongle to Secure Funds Distribution

A supplier to the US Government required a virtually hack-proof solution to control security in an intelligent device that distributes public funds. Among fierce competition, KEYLOK's high security CodeVault feature enabled us to win the business. Running code on the dongle itself, combined with encryption/decryption, stood up to all attempts by the customer and their government customer to bypass the security.

Manufacturer Enforces Brand-Only Consumables in Industrial Printers

An industrial printer manufacturer wanted to enforce the use of brand-only consumables in their specialty printers. By embedding KEYLOK's dongle in the printer, and integrating their software, they ensured that brand-only consumables were used and purchased from the manufacturer. This assures and protects the manufacturer's consumables revenue.