KEYLOK dongles are the perfect solution for many different scenarios. Whether you are looking to protect your application from piracy or to effectively license your embedded system, KEYLOK is the right choice.

Software Licensing Protection

Easily protect and implement flexible licensing options.

Software Copy Protection

Protect software from being copied and prevent unlicensed use.

Software Monetization

Utilize all software licensing options available to monetize your software.

Embedded IoT

Licensing and protection is no longer just for standalone applications, ensure your embedded device is properly secured and you are leveraging all software monetization possibilities.

Branded Dongles

Ensure a consistent end user experience by adding your logo directly to the dongle.


For added security take advantage of CodeVault to store and execute code from the dongle.

Virtual Server Environments 

The Dongle Server can host multiple dongles on the same network.

Automatic Software Protection 

Application protection and licensing no longer requires changes to your source code with KEYLOK Shell.

Customized Solutions 

KEYLOK welcomes special project requirements or customization requests.