Founded in 1980 by former Martin Marietta engineers, KEYLOK is a privately-held company based in Denver, Colorado. For 44 years, we have maintained our solid and enduring reputation by providing hardware-based, embedded security, and licensing to independent software vendors and embedded systems manufacturers across hundreds of industries worldwide. Our customers tell us they like our attention to detail, our US-based support team, and our willingness to customize our products to meet their unique requirements—an unheard-of practice in the industry.

We're committed to our products and our work, developing products that uniquely meet our customers' diverse needs. This commitment is what makes KEYLOK the trusted and long-term choice for thousands of companies worldwide for the past four decades.


Our leadership team is in charge of guiding our passionate and dedicated team members and fostering what we like to call, the KEYLOK Attitude. What does this mean for you?

  • We deliver an easy-to-integrate product that's simple, straightforward, and reliable.
  • We focus on one business only, hardware-based security, so we can deliver laser-focused products and services to you.
  • We treat our customers like they mean everything to us—and they do.
  • We do whatever it takes to provide personalized support, whether that's providing a special library, an obscure API, or solving an end-user problem.
  • We customize our products to meet the diverse needs of our customers, something no one else in this industry is doing.
  • We welcome small orders and our pricing doesn't change based on who you are.
  • We keep our prices as low as possible and are often 40% less expensive than other reputable competitors.

So whether you’re new to the idea of hardware-based security, or are already knowledgeable about the potential benefits, KEYLOK has the quality products, experience, and reputation to protect software and your valuable intellectual property.


"It is great to have a partner that still values supporting their customers and we thank you for all of your time, help, and patience."

"KEYLOK came highly recommended from a partner and we did not need to look anywhere else. A partner of ours uses KEYLOK's products and recommended them. How do you improve on perfection? The employees are awesome!"

"Customer attention can compensate for a lot when a problem arises. As long as the customer knows they have your attention, it compensates for much. Thank you for paying attention."

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