Why Keylok


"Evaluation and installation are quick and easy with KEYLOK's Evaluation Kit. It was very easy to understand. I understood not just how to use the device, but how it provided security and how our customers will see/use the device. The price is great, they had what we needed and are located in the USA. Great support and they answer questions quickly (I like the online chat a lot)."

"API is simple and flexible and does not enforce any specific business model. They don't dictate how you register your customers and perform key updates - it is all very open and configurable. Very straightforward. Other providers' tools were just too complicated and restrictive."

"Other dongle providers' pricing was confusing. They wanted yearly royalty fees based on the price of our application and the units we sold. The pricing mechanism they described made it hard to tell what the final cost to us would be. The KEYLOK product pricing was straightforward. We could estimate our costs, the price was fair and everyone was helpful."


"We want to support domestic business and liked the fact that KEYLOK is in the USA. It is easier to talk with someone when needed. Technical Support is always quick to respond and polite."

"The remote session got me up and running quickly and you answered all my questions. Thank you for your help today."

"You accomplished in less than 24 hours what has baffled us for days. It was, literally, the key to success. You can be sure that we will be 'singing your praises' from now on. Thank you!"


"KEYLOK's USB dongles met our needs and the dongles are always readily available. KEYLOK devices have been incorporated into our products, we have an established relationship and KEYLOK has always been attentive to our concerns and requests. KEYLOK is on par with our better suppliers in terms of trying to give us what we need."

"KEYLOK offered the best value and the capability that we needed. We have continued to be a customer because of the quality of the USB dongles. Neither we nor our customers have experienced any technical problems or failures with the dongles."


"KEYLOK was the only provider with a feature like CodeVault and we chose KEYLOK for this reason. The Fortress RS dongle precisely fit our need for a secured key storage device. We don't think there is any other product on the market that offers such flexibility at such an affordable price. Without CodeVault, we would not have been able to provide our solution to our customers. From the very beginning, KEYLOK has always been very responsive to our needs and we have never had any issues when contacting KEYLOK."

"I think your proposal is more than fair and I appreciate our relationship. We are very happy with KEYLOK and the Fortress dongles."

"KEYLOK offered smaller form factors than other providers and the low-profile design and small size of the Fortress RS, combined with the Smart Card processor design, were large factors in our decision."