The biotechnology industry is essential to our everyday lives. Companies that are leading the biotech industry are imperative to our growth in many fields as a society, from the way we treat and prevent illness to the safety and quality of the produce we buy at the grocery store. Not only that, but the biotechnology industry is on the cutting edge of renewable energy, creating and developing energy sources that are environmentally conscious, affordable, and sustainable. 

The result is that humanity can go on with our lives in ways that minimize harm and even facilitate growth in our ecosystems as we know them. For companies in the biotechnology industry, software applications are a major part of these advances, and keeping applications secure and profitable is imperative. Software security enables them to inspire innovation and ensure valuable trade secrets are kept private.

By licensing and securing the applications your biotech company develops, you can rest assured that the investment of time, money, and effort in your project is safeguarded from software pirates and illicit users alike, all while increasing revenue through a creative licensing strategy. Further, you can provide users with updates as often as they are needed to make sure you’re complying with the various biotech regulations.

KEYLOK provides successful implementation of software licensing and security to aid biotechnology companies that specialize in:

  • Agricultural
    • Pest-resistant crops
    • Pesticide-resistant crops
    • Nutrient supplementation
    • Abiotic stress resistance
    • Sustainable biofuels
    • Renewable energy resources
    • Gene cloning (GMO)
    • Selective breeding of plants and animals
    • Industrial-strength fibers
  • Medical
    • Develop treatments for:
      • Arthritis
      • Psoriasis
      • Crohn’s disease
      • Auto-immune diseases
    • Prevent and reduce growth rates of cancerous tumors
    • Stem cell treatment
    • Monoclonal antibodies
    • Vaccines
    • Antibiotics
  • Genetics
    • Genome sequencing
    • Gene-therapy drugs

Our security dongles offer you the ability to implement advanced security and the licensing model that best suits your industry. Because hardware-based dongles don’t require a connection to the internet, they provide unparalleled security to biotechnology companies for which invulnerability is paramount. Count on KEYLOK to provide a reliable and effective software licensing solution that secures your investment, encourages ingenuity, and generates fresh recurring revenue streams for years to come.

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