The explosion of 3D printing, both commercially and at home, has driven a major increase in demand for CAD/CAM software. This rapid growth is great for application developers, but also brings out those with ill intentions, like hackers, pirates, and unauthorized distributors.

A time-tested method of securing these applications is hardware-based software security and licensing. Beyond providing an effective defense from unwanted users, KEYLOK’s dongle-based solution enables creators to increase revenue collection points with innovative licensing models that let them roll out new products or features to customers. You can choose the model that best fits your software, your target customers, and the trajectory of your CAD/CAM field. For example:

  • Time-based licensing grants users access for a specific period of time, with the requirement to renew after the expiration date.
  • Feature-based licensing offers users a predefined set of features, with the ability to upgrade for added functionality.
  • Usage-based licensing lets users benefit from your application a designated number of times, with the necessity to purchase more uses or tokens when the initial license has run out.

All these enhanced licensing capabilities can be delivered through remote updates, adding to the convenience of KEYLOK security for both you and your customers.

In over four decades of business, we have served numerous companies in the CAD/CAM industry that specialize in the following:

  • CAx processor software               
    • CAD converters
    • CAD viewers
    • CAD processing software
    • Interoperability software
    • 3D printing software
    • 3D analyzer software
    • CAD interfaces API
  • CNC production training
    • Efficient and precise turning and milling training software to increase production
  • Furniture production software
    • Estimation
    • Cutting
    • Packing
    • Warehouse
  • Structural analysis software
    • Steel, concrete, and timber
  • System independent automation
  • Servo system software
    • Selection and sizing
    • Scientific charting
    • HVAC control systems
    • Lab charting
  • Structural engineering
  • Real-time BIM software management

KEYLOK dongles are so versatile, they make licensing your application simple and lucrative no matter what area of the CAD/CAM industry your product serves. After all your hard work, why settle for mediocre revenue or little to no profit? Become a leader in your software segment. Choose KEYLOK to license and secure your application and stay ahead of the competition with increased recurring revenue and enhanced security.

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