Software Licensing Protection


Software vendors need more than just software protection. They need to support pricing and product distribution models from their sales and marketing team. With KEYLOK's products, you can establish and enforce licensing for most any scenario, using and maintaining one set of code.

Some customers use just 10% of the dongle's capability by simply checking for the device's presence. We recommend that you harness the full power of these intelligent little devices to generate and preserve revenue for your business by enforcing license compliance.

Software Licensing Strategies Supported by KEYLOK Dongles

  • Feature or Module-Based: Enable or disable features/modules based upon what customers purchase. Reduce your concerns over use of unlicensed features, protect your revenue and let customers try modules before they buy, all with feature-based licensing and enforcement.
  • Subscription or Time-Based: License based upon renewable, rolling expiration dates that encourage recurring revenue. Also known as subscription-based licensing, control the time period that your customers have access to your software. Lease, rent or distribute trial versions without theft concerns. Variations are almost limitless. Customers like it because they're not locked-in to a license or support and can try products before they buy. Software vendors like it because the administration is simple with KEYLOK's Remote Update. Simply update time periods and convert trials to production, all with an email to the customer.
  • Pay-Per-Use: License based on a specified number of uses of specific features or modules. Pay-per-use licensing makes sense for many companies and their customers. Your customers like this model because they pay only for what they use. KEYLOK's dongles capture and monitor usage of the software with internal counters. Replenishment is easily handled by sending an email that updates the renewal amount. Software providers like it because of software license enforcement controls, minimal support, simplified replenishment and preservation of revenue.
  • Trial/Demo: Offer free use of your software for a specified time or number of uses. Then convert to paid production licenses without reissuing software or hardware.
  • Lease/Rental: Offer rental software based upon specified lease expiration and renewal dates.
  • Concurrent: Enable multiple users to access the software simultaneously. Count usage by session or user.


Dongles are a powerful and inexpensive technology used to prevent piracy. Yet, their real power lies in managing and enforcing HOW your customers use your product. Used creatively and intelligently, KEYLOK's dongles can increase revenue generated over conventional licensing scenarios.

Use our encrypted Remote Update API to update production devices in the field. Modify features, modules, expiration dates, usage and number of users (networking) without reissuing software or replacing production dongles.

Your Intellectual Property is likely one of your company's greatest assets. Confidently protect it with KEYLOK.

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KEYLOK Used to Manage Distributors' Behavior

An energy company needed to simplify interactions with its distributors. They wanted distributors to offer software on a trial basis, yet have the ability to extend the trial or convert to production licenses without the involvement of the energy company. Eliminating this extra loop of administration reduced costs due to the significant size of their distributor network. The software and KEYLOK devices are now provided to the distributor in trial mode, set with expiration dates or usage-based parameters to enforce the trial period. With KEYLOK's Remote Update feature, distributors can now extend trials and convert to production licenses with ease. 

Specialty Camera Manufacturer Simplifies Accounting for Software Licenses

A specialty camera manufacturer avoided tedious software license management through its complex back-office systems by choosing KEYLOK. The company selected KEYLOK to simplify licensing by tying serial numbers on the dongle to customers and it's all tracked in a simple spreadsheet. By integrating our API with their software, they have also ensured that their camera systems are not pirated, particularly in high-risk markets.