The cabinet gaming industry is under constant pressure from consumers who demand the latest and greatest from casino games. If you’ve developed an application that consumers will love, implementing a customized software licensing plan is vital. It lets you remain agile while maximizing your revenue potential and profit from your hard work. The key is providing creative product offerings that are tailored to meet your customers’ and ultimately the end-users’ needs.

  • Have a new feature or GUI you want to roll out? With innovative licensing, you can ensure that your revenue rises with every advantage you offer customers.
  • Have a lot of users who need a limited number of specific functionalities? Licensing can give them the customization they’re looking for, boosting your product’s value in their eyes.
  • Need to stay on top of rapidly evolving trends in your market? Licensing makes it easy to update your application as often as necessary, particularly with remote updates.

In addition to licensing and generating revenue, maintaining your software’s security is a top priority. With regulators eyeing the security of gaming software, you need to have confidence that your security will meet or exceed the strict requirements. At the same time, security breaches are widely publicized and embarrassing, so it’s imperative to be certain your software is safeguarded from hackers, software pirates, and other illicit users. Luckily, licensing solutions, including KEYLOK dongles, double as security solutions. 

For over four decades, we have been serving numerous companies that specialize in various aspects of the gaming industry:

  • Casino gaming
    • Gaming cabinets
    • Slot machine software
    • Gaming systems that meet Class II and III gaming platform standards
    • Multi-player and multi-slot cabinet systems
  • Casino and gambling management software
    • Interoperability with major casino management systems
    • Progressive controller features
    • Casino application software
  • Bingo management software
  • Sports and horse betting

When you’re deciding on the best way to license and secure your software, you should know that KEYLOK’s hardware-based licensing solution allows you to stay ahead of your competition, increase recurring revenue through innovative payment points, and fortify your application.

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