KEYLOK History


KEYLOK's rich history began in 1980 as Micro Applications Inc. Our first product was designed for a Canadian company that produced gaming microcomputers. They asked us to create a hardware-based security solution for the Commodore 64 and Atari gaming systems. The solution we created satisfied our customer's security needs but raised concern by airport security personnel as the small plastic boxes with potted electronics and an external red activation switch were perceived as a security risk!

A lot has changed in four decades, but not our commitment to quality products and to our customers. We are proud of the work we've produced over this time and want to highlight the development history of these fantastic security devices – from the first dongle in 1980 to our latest models.


Our product development still keeps moving forward to keep up with market needs and now includes our driverless products, KEYLOK3, and the KEYLOK Fortress line. KEYLOK Fortress allows embedding of complex algorithms from the application directly on the dongle (CodeVault) and has high-level anti-tampering features. Multiple form factors were also introduced including Real-Time-Clock, Flash, and Mini devices.

First commercially marketed dongle with serial port. Byte, PC Magazine and PC Week created a new advertising section, "Software Security", to accommodate this first-of-its-kind technology.
KEY-LOK Parallel
With new computer designs emerging with parallel printer ports, KEYLOK introduced parallel dongles next. Included read/write EEPROM memory, counters, expiration dates, remote update & real-time-clock.
KEY-LOK Parallel RTC
Our Real-Time-Clock parallel port device decoupled dependence on the operating system's clock.
This serial port dongle ramped up security with customer unique authentication sequence, programmable memory and the capability to store customers' proprietary algorithms.
Our first USB port device, manufactured with molded plastic casing, reduced the size and cost dramatically.

KEYLOK2 Serial

KEYLOK2 Serial was developed for a leading chip manufacturer for use in an embedded system. With a 9-pin serial port, it was deployed with high-end platforms. A second customized version was later developed and embedded in telecom systems worldwide.

Fortress LS/RS/Flash
KEYLOK's Fortress USB dongles were introduced as our driverless solution. Utilizing HID mode interface, no product unique device drivers are required. Multiple form factors released include Flash, Real-time-Clock, and Minis.
KEYLOK3 added the much-requested driverless capability to our KEYLOK2 device. Cross-platform across Windows, Linux & Mac.