Quick Facts

Why Keylok

In summary format, read about KEYLOK's technical data and features, warranty, reliability and company information.

Security Methodology KEYLOK's extensive API provides many options for software integration.
Environments Supported Windows, Linux (including ARM), Mac

Form Factors



Driverless Devices: All Fortress USB products - RS, LS, RTC, Flash and KEYLOK3

Proprietary Drivers: KEYLOK2 USB

User-Defined Memory
  • KEYLOK2 - 112 bytes
  • KEYLOK3 - 112 bytes
  • Fortress - 5,000 - 51,000 bytes
Network Capability KEYLOK supports multi-user requirements allowing counts of individual sessions or individual IP addresses. Windows OS only.  
Smart Card KEYLOK Fortress product line utilizes Smart Card technology, leveraging the inherent security features of the Smart Card to provide a more secure solution. This eliminates reliance upon a processor chip and EEPROM memory to fulfill developer requirements.
Ease of Implementation KEYLOK provides sample code across many development languages allowing rapid integration to applications. In most cases, applications can be interacting with the device in less than an hour.
One-Time Development

The same code base is used across all KEYLOK products. Develop once and migrate to other KEYLOK products during the life-cycle of your application. The Fortress product line is backward compatible with KEYLOK2 and KEYLOK3.

Licensing Options

KEYLOK licensing options include: demo, evaluation, trial, lease, rental, product module and feature, concurrent use, pay-per-use, user or usage counts, or any combination.

Expiration Date Licensing

KEYLOK2, KEYLOK3, and all nor RTC Fortress Devices: Built-in clock algorithm with date checking functions and automatic detection of system date alteration.

Fortress RRTC: On-board Real-Time-Clock is independent of OS with a rechargeable battery.

CodeVault - Enhanced Security KEYLOK Fortress products provide the ability to store and execute application code on the smart card processor, providing the highest level of security.
Product Customization Product Customization is often requested by our customers. If we can accommodate requests for no charge, we do. Development fees can apply depending on the specific enhancement request.
Device Anonymity KEYLOK dongles have no reference to KEYLOK on the devices. Custom Branding is available to brand the device for your company.


Customer Support Support is available via phone, email, or internet chat. All calls are guaranteed to be answered/returned within 4 business hours.
Order Fulfillment All orders ship within 24-48 hours of order receipt. Orders received by 10:00 am MT are typically shipped same day, depending on order size. Payment is due at time of order. Credit terms are extended upon completion and approval of a KEYLOK Credit Application. Major Credit Cards accepted.
Development Team  A member of our engineering team who created the KEYLOK dongle over 40 years ago is still with KEYLOK and is actively involved in Product Development and R&D.


KEYLOK - Value & Warranty

Our dongles range in price from around $25 to $100 depending on quantity and form factor. The average price is around $30 per device. Volume discounts and Volume Purchase Agreements (VPAs) are available.

Customers pay a one-time license fee of either $149 or $179 upon purchasing their first production dongles. 

All security functions and features are included with the exception of CodeVault implementation services.

Additional memory can be purchased for Fortress devices (standard memory of 5k included).

Networking dongles are priced based upon the number of users.

Failure Rate KEYLOK has an overall lifetime field failure rate of <.1%
Durability KEYLOK2 has been run over by a car and has not been damaged! Although we have no reports of this sort of treatment for our Fortress dongles, they are tamper-proof, as dictated by the EAL5+ rating for our smart card processor.
Warranty/Guarantee KEYLOK2 and KEYLOK3 have a lifetime warranty. KEYLOK Fortress products have a 12-month replacement guarantee, if anything goes wrong with the device, KEYLOK will replace it free of charge for up to 12 months.