Common Questions


The Remote Update Utility Randomly Closes After a Few Seconds

If there is an issue with the Remote Update utilities randomly closing after about 10 seconds, then the computer may not have a complete installation of the KEYLOK libraries and executables. This issue is typically caused by the KEYLOK anti-debugging utility not being installed on the system. The KEYLOK Remote Update utilities automatically call the anti-debugger to protect the encryption/decryption of the AUTHORIZE.DAT file. To resolve this issue, run the KEYLOK installer, install.exe, on the problematic machine. 

If you find that the issue persists with the anti-debugger successfully installed (ppmon.exe in SYSWOW64 or ppmon64.exe in System32), please contact KEYLOK support at 

Dongle fails to authenticate when detached and re-inserted, or during long runtimes

This issue is caused by the dongle being removed without calling the cleanup function TERMINATE. Each time a program authenticates with the dongle, the dongle creates a new session for that programDue to this configuration, if TERMINATE is not called, the dongle will eventually run out of memory to keep track of sessions and start failing authentication.  This issue is made worse by unplugging and re-inserting the dongle repeatedly. The TERMINATE function disconnects the session associated with the program that called it and cleans up the dongle’s memory. If the TERMINATE function is called before re-authentication, then this issue is typically resolved. 

Visual Studio Reports Error: Could not load “DLL KL2DLLXX.DLL”

This issue typically occurs when an older version of the KEYLOK libraries is used. The older libraries have a dependency on the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012. The issue can be resolved by either installing the latest version of the KEYLOK libraries using the KEYLOK installer (install.exe) or by installing the redistributable from Microsoft’s website. 

If the issue persists feel free to contact KEYLOK support at:  

How long does the Real Time Clock (RTC) last?

The RTC lasts for 3 years while unplugged. Our RRTC dongles recharge when connected to a USB port. The Fortress RTC is programmed with the date and time when we receive it from our manufacturer. Our manufacturer uses tools to set up the dongle for programming by KEYLOK, including setting the RTC. Our API does not support changing the RTC’s value. 

Does KEYLOK work in Virtual Environments?

Yes, many of our customers protect applications and systems in virtual environments. Typically, there are multiple operating systems, hardware components, and virtual tools in our customers’ environments. Because iterations are endless, contact us to discuss your specific needs for application protection and licensing in virtual environments. KEYLOK is also partnered with SEH Technology, a provider of the well-known Dongle Server. This physical box hosts dongles, allowing virtual client machines to access a USB dongle as if it were physically attached. For additional options, please reach out to support at