Common Questions


How can I program my keys individually with different licensing parameters?

You can use KLTool.exe for programming your keys using the “Program KEYLOK2” tab.

I just received my Company Unique SDK and keys. When I try to do a “Check for KEYLOK” with KLTool.exe I get the message saying “KEYLOK not found”. What am I doing wrong?

Cause: It may be that you're using the wrong KLTool.exe with the keys.

Solution: The tools that come with your Company Unique CD are specific to your production keys and the tools that came with your DEMO CD cannot be used with the production keys. You will need to install your Company Unique SDK and then test the keys with these tools.

What Communication's Parameters do serial devices require?

To communicate with serial keys, set the port to (19200,8,n,1):

  • 19,200 BPS
  • 8 data bits
  • no parity
  • 1 stop bit

Does the Serial port dongle require the installation of specific drivers?

Serial port keys communicate with the application using standard RS232C protocols, so no driver software is required. The API calls used for serial devices use the same parameters and return the same values as those for USB or Parallel devices. However, since the application communicates directly with the key, the commands are passed using a string of serial characters beginning with the command codes FS (0x1C), SUB (0x1A), FS (0x1C), SUB (0x1A), which tell the key that the following information should be processed by the key rather than passed through.

For more information, please see the "Serial Port Devices" section of our User’s Manual.

What do I do to correct Error Code 0x02?

Cause: Device driver may not be installed.

Solution: Run the install.exe from your CD or download here.