Common Questions


How long does the Real Time Clock (RTC) last?

The RTC lasts for 3 years while unplugged. Our RRTC dongles recharge when connected to a USB port. The Fortress RTC is programmed with the date and time when we receive it from our manufacturer. Our manufacturer uses tools to set up the dongle for programming by KEYLOK, including setting the RTC. Our API does not support changing the RTC’s value. 

How can I program my Fortress keys individually with different licensing parameters?

You can use KLTool.exe for programming your keys using the “Program Fortress” tab.

I just received my Company Unique SDK and keys. When I try to do a “Check for KEYLOK” with KLTool.exe I get the message saying “KEYLOK not found”. What am I doing wrong?

Cause: It may be that you're using the wrong KLTool.exe with the keys.

Solution: The tools that come with your Company Unique SDK are specific to your production keys and the tools that came with your DEMO SDK cannot be used with the production keys. You will need to install your Company Unique SDK and then test the keys with these tools.

How do I install the Fortress dll using command line options?

Option A: Install Utility Command Line Arguments

Install.exe Utility


Valid command line delimiters are ‘/’ or ‘\’ or ‘-‘

A space is required before each delimiter and options cannot be combined (i.e. ‘/QN’ is illegal, but ‘/Q /N’ is legal).


Install network Client files and USB drivers

Allows local USB dongle or remote USB or parallel port dongle


Install Fortress files only


Install Fortress TCP/IP server networking files to allow remote access to a Fortress dongle via a TCP/IP network.


Quiet mode install – displays only fatal errors

/S:<IP address>

Valid only for a network client install. Forces the client to attempt to connect to the dongle server at <IP address>. You may also specify the network name of the server instead of its IP address.



Removes all previously installed files

Option B: Copy Applicable dll

Copy applicable dll (32/64/standalone/networking) into your application directory. If using anti-debugger, you’ll need to copy the anti-debugger software to the appropriate system directory.

Can I run multiple Fortress keys with the same Company Unique Code on one machine?

Yes, you can run multiple Fortress keys with the same Company Unique Codes on the same machine. This feature is only available for Windows currently. If you need this functionality, please contact Technical Support to obtain sample code in your development language.