No matter your application, feature-based software licensing, and security give you the ability to execute your source code in an effective and refined way. This can encourage revenue growth in addition to end-user satisfaction. With software licensing and security that are truly unique to your application, you can develop freestanding product offerings that originate new revenue streams.

Let’s get started by exploring what feature-based licensing is, why you need it, and how you can implement it.

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Software licensing, a process often overlooked or hastily implemented to meet product deadlines, is a key ingredient to increasing value to your users, as well as increasing revenue to you.

Businesses and software developers must carefully consider the impact licensing has on revenue, customer retention, and the software development cycle.

In 1980, the Pac-Man arcade game was unveiled, Post-it Notes were released, and Mount St. Helens erupted. Tragically, John Lennon was assassinated in New York City. The launch of the IBM PC was still a year away. And the business currently known as KEYLOK was born.

We’re proudly celebrating 40 years of securing applications – and securing something as critical as ever in 2020: confidence. Let’s talk about how we’ve made it happen.

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Embedded system licensing is the combination of hardware and software into a single offering, converting traditional hardware vendors into new age software vendors. This enables manufacturers of hardware to position products as "all-in-one" via software that enhances a machine's features while giving consumers more flexibility.

9 Advantages of Usage-Based Licensing in IP Protection (for Software Vendors and Users)

Software developers and vendors have faced challenges in protecting their intellectual property since the first commercially available applications were created. As software development and use expanded over the last 50 years, the variety of software licensing models has grown as well, to accommodate needs of both buyers and sellers.


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