Software Developers Are Leaving Competitors for KEYLOK's Software Security and Licensing Products


January 27, 2015

KEYLOK is experiencing a steady influx of software and systems developers who are switching from competitors citing reasons of ease of implementation of KEYLOK's software security & licensing products, rapid ship times and personalized, attentive customer support.

KEYLOK, a leading provider of software security products for over 30 years, announced today that growth is accelerating in several market verticals and geographic regions through customers that have moved from the competition to KEYLOK.

While some competitors focus on mergers and acquisitions, the KEYLOK team remains committed and focused on their hardware-based security product development and personalized customer technical support. It’s this steady and unchanging commitment that is leading to an increased number of customers switching to KEYLOK.

“KEYLOK has always been proud of our dedication to our products and our customers’ satisfaction,” said Stu Zinanti, CEO of KEYLOK. The company provideshardware-based security and licensing to Independent Software Vendors and Systems Manufacturers across hundreds of industries.

Customers Seeking Simplified Product Implementation and Maintenance 

  • Recent market changes have affected competitors’ product complexity and support levels. It’s become increasingly difficult for customers to implement and maintain their software security products and obtain the support they need.
  • One prospective KEYLOK customer cited the increasing complexity of implementing a competitor’s dongle as the reason for switching to KEYLOK. “We are a small company with limited manpower and cannot afford large investments of time to maintain their (other competitor’s) product. We are changing vendors because of increased complexity of programming and maintaining our existing dongles. Our current vendor has the mindset that there are several people whose entire job is security and licensing. KEYLOK’s implementation and usage is very straightforward and we are making the switch.”
  • Another reason for switching to KEYLOK is competitor’s memory management requirements that are unnecessarily complex and rigid. A new KEYLOK customer stated, “In the end, inflexible and complicated memory management restraints resulted in much less flexibility than KEYLOK’s methodology. We ran out of memory on the competitor’s device with a 50% waste due to their high-level memory management requirements.”
  • A prospective customer considering moving to KEYLOK said, “We received the free Evaluation Kit and I had a chance to read through the documentation and look at the sample code. I really like the clarity and simplicity of the documentation and the magnitude of examples that were provided in many different programming languages.”

 Middle-Market Customers Demand Just-in-Time Product Shipping

  • Another issue affecting middle-market customers is their order size. Some of KEYLOK’s competitors are simply too large to dedicate adequate and attentive resources to servicing smaller and middle-market customers. When a middle-market customer places an order for 200 dongles, they expect to be treated the same as a customer ordering 2,000 dongles, but this isn’t happening.
  • Middle-market customers are hit hard due to shipping delays because it costs them more than a larger enterprise, both financially and reputationally. They’re forced to pass on these delays to their customers, damaging their credibility and reputation. Moreover, delays impact their revenue stream because their own product shipments are delayed.

KEYLOK Offers Personalized and Attentive Customer Support

KEYLOK customers get top-notch, personalized support right from their first contact. One new customer stated, “Just a quick note of appreciation for the support your team has provided. We selected KEYLOK after comparing other solutions.” While another had high praise for KEYLOK’s speed in responding to customer questions, “Thank you for your prompt service on this. I realize we can always depend on you for excellent service.”

A Global Product Manager stated, “I said it in our phone call and I will say it again…you guys are SO easy to work with. We selected KEYLOK after comparing other solutions and I am glad we did.”

Every KEYLOK customer gets the same, stellar support whether they’re placing a small, medium or large order. KEYLOK ships orders within 24-48 hours, often 200% faster than their bigger competitors. KEYLOK is also able to keep their prices reasonable and competitive, up to 40% less than other competitors.

For All the Details

Compare KEYLOK’s products and support to other security providers today by ordering a free SDK Evaluation Kit.

About KEYLOK: KEYLOK, a privately-held company founded in 1980, is a trusted provider of hardware-based security devices (dongles) for software and systems’ manufacturers across hundreds of industries. For over three decades, KEYLOK has provided reliable and affordable security and licensing solutions for protecting intellectual property.

KEYLOK is headquartered in Denver, CO, with customers across the U.S. and around the world. 
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