KEYLOK is Now a SEH Technology TAP Partner


July 31, 2014

KEYLOK, a long-term provider of hardware-based security (dongles) for software and systems today announced their partnership with SEH Technology and their Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with SEH Technology. Our customers can now provide a solution which continues to protect and license their software in virtual, distributed and network environments. KEYLOK’s customers can offer their customers accommodation for virtual and network environments, while maintaining centralized control from the data center.” – Stu Zinanti, CEO

Protect Your Software and Systems in Virtual Environments
Much of today’s network infrastructure has been virtualized – it saves space, money and the environment. However, this has added an extra layer of complexity for IT departments when it comes to software copy protection and licensing. That’s where the strategic partnership between KEYLOK and SEH comes in.

The myUTN-80 Dongle Server from SEH Technology lets companies control their software licensing in virtual and network environments and works with KEYLOK2, KEYLOK3 and KEYLOK Fortress dongles. Remote employees in virtual environments are treated the same way as on-premise employees, with licensing that’s enforced just as if they were in the office. End-users no longer need a dongle for their local computer – it already resides on the Dongle Server.

Centralize Your Software Licenses and Reduce IT Issues
IT can now centralize software licenses and control them more easily since the Dongle Server manages all the dongles, regardless of the physical location of the end-user. The myUTN-80 Dongle Server also removes end-user support problems that can occur when firewalls and anti-virus software block access to network servers. Dongle Server can be configured to allow access through the firewall without any problems.

Finally, Dongle Server eliminates the common frustration that IT employees may have finding an available port on the physical server in the data center. With so many servers and racks being used, it can be impossible to find space to attach dongles and still lock or secure the server rack.  Dongle Server features space for up to eight USB dongles and a locked cover that secures the dongles from physical damage, inadvertent removal and theft.

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About KEYLOK: KEYLOK, a privately-held company founded in 1980, is a trusted provider of hardware-based security devices (dongles) for software and systems’ manufacturers across hundreds of industries. For over three decades, KEYLOK has provided reliable and affordable security and licensing solutions for protecting intellectual property. KEYLOK is headquartered in Denver, CO, with customers across the U.S. and around the world.

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