KEYLOK Introduces Customized Branding Services to Customers


July 28, 2015

KEYLOK, a leading provider of software security products for 35 years, announced today the launch of their KEYLOK Branding Services team. This dedicated team will help customers increase their brand presence in the marketplace with customized branding on their KEYLOK white label products.

“In addition to providing our customers with software licensing and anti-piracy solutions, KEYLOK is happy to help them extend the lifecycle of their products,” said Stu Zinanti, CEO of KEYLOK. “It’ll improve the value of their brand in the marketplace.”

KEYLOK’s new branding services offers customers their security dongles with a variety of enhanced color options. Customers can then add their company name or logos, product name or logos, serial numbers, or any other image they wish to the dongle to complete the desired look. “KEYLOK is happy to help our customers create stronger market identity and increased sales,” Zinanti went on to say. “We believe it’ll help our customers grow their revenue.”

KEYLOK is attentive to our customers, actively listening to them, and providing products and services tailored to their requests. In fact, for several years they have been asking for a better way to set their products apart in the market. That’s why we created the Branding Services team. Now customers can tailor the branding on as many dongles as they wish, and create small-run promotional items to meet their needs.

Customers rely on KEYLOK’s superior security dongle technology to keep their software safe and properly licensed. Now they can also expand their market reach with custom branding. The KEYLOK Branding Services team is ready to help customers add logos, images, and more to their orders. Email: or call 1-800-453-9565 (Option 5) to get started.

KEYLOK Contact: Timothy Regas, 303-801-0338 x 781, 
About KEYLOK: Privately-held company founded in 1980, is a trusted provider of hardware-based security devices (dongles) for software and systems’ manufacturers across hundreds of industries. For over three decades, KEYLOK has provided reliable and affordable security and licensing solutions for protecting intellectual property.

KEYLOK is headquartered in Denver, CO, with customers across the U.S. and around the world.