KEYLOK Announces Release of Fortress RRTC


October 7, 2014

KEYLOK, a long-term provider of hardware-based security (dongles) for software and systems today announced the release of their latest innovative dongle, the Fortress Rechargeable Real Time Clock (RRTC).

“Our customers keep dongles on the shelf until they are ready to use the system’s features that are protected by the RRTC dongle. Because the dongles are unused for prolonged time periods, we can recharge the devices before we ship to our customers and customers can recharge at will. This eliminates the limitation of a three-year shelf life for standard RTC (non-rechargeable) dongles.” – A happy Fortress RRTC customer

How Does It Work?
The Fortress RRTC has an on-board, rechargeable real-time clock that operates independently of the computer’s system clock. It runs on its own internal battery, and then uses the system’s power to recharge while connected to a USB port. Two LED lights indicate the RRTC’s battery life.

Part of our Fortress Family of Protection
The Fortress RRTC joins the other members of the Fortress product line to offer:

  • Protection against time-based licensing fraud
  • Extended memory for security and licensing options
  • Enhanced security with CodeVault
  • Smart card processing and tamper-proof casings
  • Rapid and simple implementation with an extensive API library
  • Remote updates for dongles in the field

Protect All Your Systems – Including Remote or Hard to Access Ones
KEYLOK developed the Fortress RRTC for licensing and protecting isolated or remote systems, either due to their physical location or because the dongle is embedded in the system it is protecting. The Fortress RRTC eliminates the concern of intentionally bypassing date-based licensing through system clock tampering.

For All the Details
To find out more about the Fortress RRTC, visit

KEYLOK Contact: Chris Bossom, 800-453-9565 x781, cbossom [at]

About KEYLOK: KEYLOK, a privately-held company founded in 1980, is a trusted provider of hardware-based security devices (dongles) for software and systems’ manufacturers across hundreds of industries. For over three decades, KEYLOK has provided reliable and affordable security and licensing solutions for protecting intellectual property. KEYLOK is headquartered in Denver, CO, with customers across the U.S. and around the world.

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