Product Summary

KEYLOK security dongles offer solutions that will increase your profitability and protect your intellectual property. From start-up to Fortune 500, KEYLOK security dongles help to grow and protect your business. Contact our protection experts to walk you through the setup and implementation process today!

  • Choose Your Options: KEYLOK offers USB, Serial and Parallel devices with varying features and forms - including driverless, high memory, network, CodeVault, Flash, RTC and low-profile minis.
  • Environments Supported: Windows, Mac, Linux (including ARM)
  • Rapid Implementation: Using KEYLOK's extensive sample code and API, customers can implement our devices rapidly with their software and systems.
  • One-Time Development: The same code is used across all KEYLOK products. This means you can implement different KEYLOK products with only one integration effort.
  • Extensive Licensing Options: Maximize your revenue by implementing date-based, time-based, usage-based, feature-based and concurrent-user licensing. Accommodate product trials, demos, evaluations, subscriptions, rentals, pay-per-use or any creative combination.
  • Remote Update: We provide a full set of utilities and API functions to remotely manage and update your customers' devices in the field. This means you can quickly modify production dongles without recalling or re-issuing the physical devices.
  • Warranty: Our Fortress devices have a 12-month, no questions asked replacement guarantee. KEYLOK2 and KEYLOK3 both have a life-time guarantee, so if anything ever goes wrong with a device, we'll replace it free of charge.
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CodeVault offers an increased level of protection over typical hardware-based security implementations.

With CodeVault, available on our Fortress dongles, you can create a one-of-a-kind security solution. By running application code on the dongle itself and returning encrypted results to the calling application, your software simply won't run without the dongle. That's because a critical piece of the application is missing - it resides on KEYLOK's secure smart card inside the dongle.

Not every customer needs CodeVault. But those that do have found that it's worth the extra effort and expense to gain the unmatched security and peace-of-mind CodeVault provides.

CodeVault Implementation Examples:

  • Automotive customer secures hacker-targeted software that upgrades automobile engine features
  • Public funds distribution software is made hack-proof by implementing CodeVault
  • Vehicle lock-code generation software for automotive locksmiths is secured with CodeVault
  • Prepaid utility card provider protects software with CodeVault and replaces their current dongle provider
  • Provider of non-invasive medical devices implements CodeVault and makes their machines virtually un-hackable
  • Systems developer uses CodeVault to perform, and protect, critical calculations in analytical products sold to government

To read more about CodeVault, click here.

What to Expect

We often hear that trying to evaluate and purchase dongles from other providers is confusing. Not at KEYLOK. This is what you can expect.

Step 1: Try Our Products for Free

Order our Software Developer's Kit (also called a SDK or Evaluation Kit) for the product that fits your needs - Fortress, KEYLOK2 or KEYLOK3. If you are unsure what product to order, take a look at our products' page or just call or email us. Once you order, we'll ship the kit to you within one to two business days. There is no charge for most of our evaluation products and we even cover the shipping costs to most locations.

If you are ready to order, and don't need to try-before-you-buy, just go ahead and order production dongles (Step 3).

Step 2: Integrate with Your Product

Once you receive the SDK, you can either implement the dongle yourself using the included User Guide, or just contact Product Support for help. Either way, in no time your software will be checking for the presence of our device.

If your security and licensing needs are more complex, be sure and contact us right away.

Step 3: If You are Ready to Order...

Just fill out our quick and easy Order Form. Once payment is received, we ship your dongles within one to two business days. Most orders are shipped same day if the Order Form is received early in the day.

Our minimum order is only five devices, so there is no pressure to meet certain quantity commitments.


We make your cost simple to understand because it's based on size of the order and product type. You can easily calculate your expected costs up-front. We don't tie our prices to existing or future sales revenue for your application or system. Nor do we charge royalties or recurring fees based on the number of units or value of the application you sell. 

This makes determining your cost simple and predictable. You pay for the number of dongles that you sell with your software or system and a one-time license fee of $149 or $179.  If your product doesn't sell, you don't purchase dongles. Our customers love this straight-forward approach. Contact us for product pricing today.