How do I install the Fortress dll using command line options?


Option A: Install Utility Command Line Arguments

Install.exe Utility


Valid command line delimiters are ‘/’ or ‘\’ or ‘-‘

A space is required before each delimiter and options cannot be combined (i.e. ‘/QN’ is illegal, but ‘/Q /N’ is legal).


Install network Client files and USB drivers

Allows local USB dongle or remote USB or parallel port dongle


Install Fortress files only


Install Fortress TCP/IP server networking files to allow remote access to a Fortress dongle via a TCP/IP network.


Quiet mode install – displays only fatal errors

/S:<IP address>

Valid only for a network client install. Forces the client to attempt to connect to the dongle server at <IP address>. You may also specify the network name of the server instead of its IP address.



Removes all previously installed files

Option B: Copy Applicable dll

Copy applicable dll (32/64/standalone/networking) into your application directory. If using anti-debugger, you’ll need to copy the anti-debugger software to the appropriate system directory.