PDF and PPT File Protection


Protect high-value, proprietary PDF and PowerPoint (PPT) files with KEYLOK's innovative File Protector for Windows. Stop copying, printing, screen captures, snipping and emailing of your files. File Protector encrypts PDF and PPT files and then automatically locks the files to our USB dongles, keeping your intellectual property (IP) safe from unwanted distribution. Download our Digitize Your Paper Assets whitepaper below or request a demo. Of course you can call us too at 303.801.0338 to try this innovative solution.

With a few clicks you can establish licensing parameters that make it impossible to run the PDF or PPT file without the dongle. Access and file usage are controlled by the security dongle and copying of any sort is eliminated. Even document expiration dates (and renewals) can be enforced.

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  • Employee and e-LearningTraining
  • End-customer Training, Courseware and Handbooks
  • Franchise, Distributor, Retailer and Dealership Training
  • Publications by Associations and Institutes
  • Corporate University Courseware
  • Research, Instructional and Diagnostic Manuals
  • Instructor Manuals
  • Learning and Development Cirriculum

 Digitize Your Paper Assets

Retain Revenue

Retain Member Revenue & Reduce Administration

An industrial Association distributes fee-based publications to its members in PDF format without fear of replication. They began with one large reference manual and offered it in both PDF and paper formats. Members' positive responses prompted the Association to release other publications in protected PDF format and eventually discontinue paper manuals & books entirely. The result: reduced cost of goods sold, reduced administrative overhead and protection of member revenue.

 Protect IP

Eliminate Uncontrolled Content Distribution

KEYLOK solved a costly problem for a global manufacturer requiring protection for its Computer Based Training (CBT). Although training licenses were restricted, trainees freely disseminated the CBTs within their organizations. The result was lost revenue, unmanaged licensing & uncontrolled distribution. Using our File Protectors, training materials are now protected & licensing established and enforced. Distribution to worldwide training facilities occurs without the risk of trainees' replication and distribution.

    End Results

The End Result

Your file content can be viewed and interacted with only while the KEYLOK device is present and in conformance with your licensing restrictions. You can enforce end-user expiration dates too. End-users can no longer copy, print, distribute, view or snip your content. Your revenue and valuable IP are now protected.

Reduce Piracy

Reduce Piracy, Enter New Markets & Increase Revenue

Our solution helped a medical imaging company sell their software and instruments confidently worldwide, opening new revenue streams. They needed to replace a vulnerable security strategy of distributing their training materials on password-protected (easily bypassed) flash drives. Integrating their PDFs with KEYLOK's security dongle enabled our customer to enter high risk, high piracy countries without concern over dissemination of their proprietary training materials.

*PowerPoint 2002/2003 or later required


"We have used KEYLOK's PowerPoint Protector for our first training and are very satisfied. Our technical training courses are expensive and contain confidential information. We don't want our students passing them along to others in this industry. Now that the students must have a USB hardware device to use the training, our concern has disappeared and we get paid for every course we deliver."

"We are very happy with KEYLOK's PDF Protector and I am pleased with our customers' acceptance of the digital manuals. This is a new approach for us, so we will offer our manuals in both paper and digital form at first with an eventual conversion to all digital. I appreciate the rapid response KEYLOK has given me on this project."