Automatic Software Protection


What is KEYLOK Shell?

KEYLOK Shell makes protecting and licensing your software fast and simple by easily wrapping your (.exe) files. There is no need for programming knowledge because KEYLOK Shell does not require any changes to your source code.

Our GUI makes implementing KEYLOK Shell effortless. Automatically set expiration dates to make annual licenses a breeze. Easily control the number of times your application can be launched, making a pay-per-use licensing model simple. You can even tie the protected application to a specific dongle via the unique serial number of the dongle. Don't worry about sending a new dongle when your customer's want to renew because all of your licenses can be updated from anywhere in the world using our remote update utility.

Automatic Software Protection

KEYLOK Shell automatically protects your application using double layer encryption. This two factor encryption utilizes AES-128 bit and KEYLOK proprietary encryption algorithms. KEYLOK Shell creates a virtually un-hackable barrier between users and your application. The only way through this barrier, to access the application, is to have a valid KEYLOK dongle attached. This is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to protect their application quickly, or doesn’t have access to the source code.

Implementing our APIs is more time consuming than KEYLOK Shell but always an option if you have programming knowledge and access to the source code. APIs are the traditional way of implementing intellectual property protection using hardware security dongles. The integration of our APIs provides a higher level of security and a little more flexibility with your licensing options.

If you are looking for the highest level of security, you can integrate two different layers of KEYLOK protection. First you would add our APIs to your source code and recompile. Then you would wrap and encrypt your exe using KEYLOK Shell. The API integration in tandem with KEYLOK Shell protection do not interfere with one another, instead they create two virtually impenetrable layers of security. A double dip when protecting your application is perfect for deployment in high risk locations, high value intellectual property, or for added peace of mind.

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What kind of applications can I protect with KEYLOK Shell?

Currently KEYLOK Shell protects 32-bit Windows applications.

Can I use KEYLOK Shell and API in conjunction with each other?

Yes, KEYLOK Shell can be used with KEYLOK API.

What OS can the protected application run on?

Protected applications are supported on Windows 7 and higher.

Do I have to use a specific KEYLOK key to run with KEYLOK shell?

Just like the API, KEYLOK Shell is created for the customer’s company unique code and the protected application can only run with your company specific keys.

Can I request a trial for KEYLOK Shell to test with my application before purchasing?

Yes, you can request a DEMO of the shell and test it with your application using the DEMO keys.  You can request the DEMO on our website at

Can I protect more than 1 application with KEYLOK Shell?

Yes, you can protect multiple application with KEYLOK Shell under the same company unique code. 

What do I need to distribute to my end-users with the protected EXE?

Once the application is protected you will distribute the protected application and KLaccess.dll along with your hardware key to your end-user.

How do I purchase KEYLOK Shell?

To purchase KEYLOK Shell, contact our Sales department at: