How-to Videos


View videos on how to use KEYLOK security products. Request your free Software Developer's Kit to become familiar with our products.

Core Features

July 18, 2013

Take a look at the Core Features available in all of our product lines. See how to check for the presence of the dongle, read/write to memory and set/verify expiration dates.

Remote Update

July 18, 2013

Watch how Remote Update enables you to easily update licensing controls and any other programmable feature for dongles in the field, without reissuing or recalling devices.

Fortress Smart Card Overview

July 18, 2013

See an overview of KEYLOK's smart card technology, available in our Fortress product line.

Fortress CodeVault Demonstration

July 18, 2013

Watch a demonstration of CodeVault, the ability to run application code on the smart card microprocessor of the dongle. We will show migration of application code to a Fortress dongle for execution and processing.