Software Protection

Is the absence of sound software protection devaluing your product in your market space? KEYLOK offers modern software protection that prevents illegal copying, selling and distributing of your product. The occurrence of a weak software protection solution will cause you to lose sales and will drastically decrease the importance of your product in the market.

By choosing KEYLOK’s extensive software protection, your product will steer clear of software piracy threats and will add value to your product by providing a robust software protection strategy to develop the significance and utility of your product in the market space.


  • You have a misguided software protection solution that is costing you money and is not able to provide valuable protection for your software. Without a functioning and fully protected software plan, your software will be overlooked and not seen as a viable solution to most companies.  


  • With software piracy on the rise, having an effective strategy to protect and defend your software is a must. According to a BSA Study, the global rate of piracy is 43%, this equates to nearly $63 billion worth of software theft yearly. When developing new software, having it properly protected is an essential part of a reliable and valuable product. With out a well executed protection plan, the value of your software will decrease and your product deemed useless in the market space.


  • KEYLOK has 35 years of experience working with thousands of customers and resolving their software protection issues.
  • We have provided nearly 8000 customers in 100 countries with an affordable software protection system that is effective and will add value to your products.